2007-07-22 adamfix nasty bug in numerical comparison in Interpreter master
2005-12-23 adammoved from to...
2005-04-11 adambugfix
2005-03-25 adamadded JSReflection.Wrap
2005-02-27 adamadded JSSubProperties
2005-02-21 adamadded support for writing Fountains in js.Directory
2005-02-18 adammade JSPrimitive subclasses public
2005-02-18 adamfixed the new 1-arg JSDate constructor
2005-02-18 adamadded a new ctor for JSDate
2005-02-18 adammade JSArray's constructors public
2005-02-18 adamadd convenient wrappers for Java Enumerations
2005-01-17 adammove LocalStorage from core to plat
2005-01-17 adamfix bug: LoopMarker is not an instance of JS (yet)
2005-01-17 adaminclude CALLMETHOD and GET_PRESERVE as acceptable resta...
2005-01-17 adamremove obsolete grammar stuff
2005-01-17 adamfix JSArgs bugs
2005-01-16 adamfix bug that prevented scar image from loading
2005-01-16 adamHashMap->Hash, update Fountain, remove external depende...
2005-01-16 adamFIXME triage and formatting cleanups
2005-01-16 adamfixed bug related to removal of[])
2005-01-16 adambring back in JSGlobal (default impl)
2005-01-16 adamremove more Pausable stuff
2005-01-16 adamformatting changes
2005-01-16 adamremoved more getInputStream() stuff
2005-01-16 adamremove and JS.pause()
2005-01-15 adamremove[]), JS.getInputStream()
2005-01-15 adam***DARCS***
2005-01-15 adampurged JS.Obj <-> Basket.Hash incest
2005-01-15 adamugly hack to fix problem with Immutable.getTrap()
2005-01-11 adamautomatically try call(JS[]) if method
2005-01-11 adamfix JSPrimitive bug that broke methods on JSStrings
2005-01-11 adamfix JSReflection bug relating to fields in a superclass
2005-01-10 adamremove JS.hasKey(); it is extremely important that...
2005-01-08 crawshawJSExn testing of trap availability
2005-01-08 crawshawbetter error message for unexpected pause()
2005-01-08 crawshawHACK introduce get() and put() calls in trap functions...
2005-01-08 crawshawfix JS for indexmultiple setting
2005-01-08 crawshawreintroduce JSArgs
2005-01-07 crawshawexpose debug string conversion function
2005-01-07 adamadd JSU.emptyArgs
2005-01-07 adammake JSMath and JSArray public
2005-01-07 adamfix to JSRegexp
2005-01-07 adamfix to JSReflection for grabbing from a superclass
2005-01-07 adamrenamed Script to JSU
2005-01-07 adamchastize david
2005-01-06 crawshawbug fixes
2005-01-06 crawshawupdate Directory, Fountain, JSReflection, SOAP, XMLRPC...
2005-01-06 crawshawremove Task (replaced with org.ibex.util.Callable)
2005-01-06 crawshawminor bug fixes from moving interfaces
2005-01-05 crawshawmove static function references to
2005-01-06 crawshawremove
2005-01-06 crawshawcorrect JSArray keys enumeration to return integers...
2005-01-06 crawshawswitch core files over to baskets
2005-01-05 crawshawremove dead code from JSScope
2005-01-05 crawshawmove to JS interface
2005-01-04 adamlicensing update to APSL 2.0
2004-12-29 adamadded CALLMETHOD case to JS.pause()
2004-12-27 adamadded some files that had been left out
2004-12-27 adam[re]-merged in Brians stuff
2004-12-27 adammoved XMLRPC and SOAP into org.ibex.js temporarily
2004-12-27 adammoved JSRuntimeExn into its own file to satisfy eclipse...
2004-12-27 adammoved Task into org.ibex.js
2004-10-30 adamexpose JSArray.toVec() and JSArray.setFromVec()
2004-10-30 adamJSArray now uses an internal Vec
2004-10-19 adamhacks to cope with org.ibex.xt
2004-09-27 adamadded new invocation that does not create a call frame
2004-09-27 adammade JSArray.toVec() public
2004-09-23 adampublic JSDate(long)
2004-09-23 adamJS now implements Serializable, does not inherit Balanc...
2004-09-23 adamJS no longer automatically extends BalancedTree
2004-09-12 adammore checks to make sure files get closed in Directory...
2004-09-05 adamadded to eliminated dependency on gnu...
2004-07-14 adammoved into js
2004-07-13 adamremoved stream
2004-07-08 adaminitial import