descriptionWiX: a text markup format
last changeSat, 16 Apr 2011 04:39:55 +0000 (21:39 -0700)
2011-04-16 Adam Megaczresolve ambiguity between urls and email addresses master
2011-04-16 Adam Megaczadd \Box
2011-01-24 Adam Megaczfix emdash/endash confusion
2011-01-24 Adam Megaczadd -f option
2011-01-23 Adam Megaczupdate to sbp with regions in trees
2011-01-22 Adam Megaczrewrite Haskell parts in Scala
2009-02-05 megaczcopy any files found in the source directory which...
2009-02-05 megaczchanges to Makefile for SBP
2009-01-28 megaczadd static copy of sbp jarfile for simplicity
2009-01-28 adamadd
2009-01-28 adamadd unused sources
2009-01-28 adamuse urlify more in Html.lhs
2009-01-28 adamuse urlEscape more often in Doc.lhs
2009-01-28 adamuse nowrap on pre-blocks
2009-01-28 adamjust a comment
2009-01-28 adamhandle LeftArrow and Rightarrow properly in Html
13 years ago master