bug fixes
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2005-01-06 crawshawbug fixes
2005-01-06 crawshawupdate Directory, Fountain, JSReflection, SOAP, XMLRPC...
2005-01-06 crawshawremove Task (replaced with org.ibex.util.Callable)
2005-01-06 crawshawminor bug fixes from moving interfaces
2005-01-05 crawshawmove static function references to Script.java
2005-01-06 crawshawremove Trap.java
2005-01-06 crawshawcorrect JSArray keys enumeration to return integers...
2005-01-06 crawshawswitch core files over to baskets
2005-01-05 crawshawremove dead code from JSScope
2005-01-05 crawshawmove to JS interface
2005-01-04 adamlicensing update to APSL 2.0
2004-12-29 adamadded CALLMETHOD case to JS.pause()
2004-12-27 adamadded some files that had been left out
2004-12-27 adam[re]-merged in Brians stuff
2004-12-27 adammoved XMLRPC and SOAP into org.ibex.js temporarily
2004-12-27 adammoved JSRuntimeExn into its own file to satisfy eclipse...
2004-12-27 adammoved Task into org.ibex.js
2004-10-30 adamexpose JSArray.toVec() and JSArray.setFromVec()
2004-10-30 adamJSArray now uses an internal Vec
2004-10-19 adamhacks to cope with org.ibex.xt
2004-09-27 adamadded new invocation that does not create a call frame
2004-09-27 adammade JSArray.toVec() public
2004-09-23 adampublic JSDate(long)
2004-09-23 adamJS now implements Serializable, does not inherit Balanc...
2004-09-23 adamJS no longer automatically extends BalancedTree
2004-09-12 adammore checks to make sure files get closed in Directory...
2004-09-05 adamadded GnuRegexp.java to eliminated dependency on gnu...
2004-07-14 adammoved Stream.java into js
2004-07-13 adamremoved stream
2004-07-08 adaminitial import